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Alan Bern & Mark Kovnatskiy Duo (photo: Shendi Copitman Kovantskiy)

Di Yidishe Neshome

Di Yidishe Neshome are two virtuosi who take you on a deeply touching journey through the soul of Yiddish music. The duo of violinist Mark Kovnatskiy and pianist/accordionist Alan Bern have been performing together for over a decade. Their repertoire consists of traditional klezmer music, classical compositions by composers such as Joel Engel and Joseph Achron based on traditional klezmer music, and their own original compositions.

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Socalled (Josh Dolgin)

Josh “Socalled” Dolgin is a pianist, accordionist, producer, journalist, photographer, filmmaker, magician, cartoonist and puppet maker based in Montreal, Quebec. With six solo albums to his name, he has performed all over the world for more than 10 years, and his list of collaborators knows no generational, social, cultural nor religious boundaries. Aside from countless festivals and venues around the world, Socalled has performed at Carnegie Hall (twice!), the Olympia in Paris, the Apollo theatre in Harlem and the Arsht centre in Miami.

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