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Aleksi Campagne by the water

Aleksi Campagne

Aleksi Campagne is uniquely qualified to offer a contemporary, indie-folk take on the time-honoured fiddle-singing tradition. Aleksi grew up on stage. At five years old, he began performing alongside his mother, Canadian folk icon, Connie Kaldor. At nineteen, Aleksi moved to Paris to study under Jazz-violin legend Didier Lockwood. At twenty-one, Aleksi became the only […]

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With their cinematic ballads and blues, wearing their shoes from the side of the road, Basset is full of timeless heart. Toronto-based acoustic songwriters Yasmine Shelton and Sam Clark will take you from a beekeeper’s fields to the haunted basement of a second-hand store, in a style that is all their own. With comparisons to […]

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Dumai Dunai, photo by Carlos Garate

Dumai Dunai

Dumai Dunai is a dub-punk Slavic folk band from Montreal formed in 2021. Rooted in the folk singing traditions of singer Natalia Telentso’s homeland of Ukraine and melodies inspired by Juno-nominated bandleader Eli Camilo’s extensive adventures in the lands of the Danube, the band powers these influences with deep dubbed-out grooves and the energy of punk rock. Featuring […]

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A unique all women chamber folk quartet that brings you traditional music from around the world, with instruments to match! Medusa intertwine the sounds of Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Eastern European, and Celtic music to create something entirely new.

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Created by courageous Polish ladies and fronted by singer Ewelina Ferenc, dancer Ala Stasiuk and multi instrumentalist Marta Solek, Toronto’s own Polky (meaning “Polish women”) came together through a shared passion for the enigmatic and upbeat style of Eastern European music. By adding a uniquely Canadian, multicultural flavour, Polky brings their own original sound and lyrics to Eastern European traditional forms.

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Queen Kong

“Seriously, how can you not pay attention to a futuristic klezmer band that has it’s grooves informed by Hasidic new wave? … Wildly world beat, it’s a sure fire gasser for anyone that likes grooves from elsewhere that march to their own beat.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record To be thrown “into the fray” is to enter […]

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