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Nastasia Y

“Slavic soul rooted in ancestral sounds of Ukraine and guided by the boundary-busting Toronto scene” Jonathan Campbell, Small World Music

“World fusion at its best” WholeNote Magazine

“Nastasia Y really is the face and voice of musicians defending Ukraine here in Toronto” Paul Corby (Corby’s Orbit)

Nastasia Y [nas-TA-s’yah] is a Ukrainian-born global fusion artist based in Toronto, Canada. This multilingual singer & keyboardist seamlessly blends traditional Ukrainian and Slavic music with jazz, funk, electronic textures, and various influences from all over the world. Her music is rooted in ancestral grief and wisdom of her past while embracing a modern inter-connected future. 


Currently, Nastasia performs solo, as well as with her band, which ranges from folk trio, to a 5-piece rock band formation, to her 9-piece “Slavic fusion” orchestra. She is a member of the all-female Eastern European folk band BLISK, and also performs in a duo with Iraqi-born Ahmed Moneka, exploring music from Iraq to Ukraine. Since the invasion in February of 2022, Nastasia has been heavily involved with fundraising with a group called Sing With Ukraine. She is currently working on releasing her new fusion album, recorded over the pandemic with KC Roberts (guitar), Marito Marques (drums), Dan Minchom (bass), Anh Phung (flute), Ekaterina (bg vocals), and Juno-award winning co-producer Justin Gray