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A unique all-women chamber-folk quartet that brings you traditional music from around the world, with instruments to match!

Medusa intertwines the sounds of Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Eastern European, and Celtic music to create something entirely new. In addition to violin, viola, and cello, they play traditional bowed fiddles that were rejected for centuries in their home countries of Poland and Sweden, as their sounds were thought to be too ugly for polite audiences.

Formed during the pandemic, when the whole world was forced to stop, look within, and shed old skin Medusa is a symbol of female vision, voice, and power and a source of inspiration for anyone who has been denied their true self.

Medusa is Marta Sołek – suka from Biłgoraj, Płock fiddle, greek Lyra, cello; Saskia Tomkins -nyckelharpa, violin, viola; Lea Kirstein – violin, viola, cello; and Georgia Hathaway – violin.