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2019 German Record Critics Award winner for best album: Merčedes Kolo (broken silence)

2018 Russian World Music Awards winner for best project

2018 Eiserner Eversteiner special prize from Folk Herbst Fest in Plauen, Germany is the most prestigious folk music award in Europe

For over twenty years, Dobranotch has been bringing the world the boundless energy of roots music: Jewish, Russian, Balkan, and Roma. At the philharmonic, they sound like refined artists; in a club or at a festival, they send the audience into a dancing trance; and when they descend from the stage, they’re the orchestra for a magic carnival!

Dobranotch has performed at major international festivals, including Sziget (Hungary), Fusion (Germany), Ashkenaz (Canada), Jewish Culture Festival Krakow (Poland), Rudolstadt (Germany), and Andanças (Portugal).