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Myriam Beldi

Coming from a family of music lovers, Myriam Beldi dedicates her life to the emblematic music of her hometown, Algiers. From the age of six, she was a student at the prestigious Algiers school of Arab-Andalusian music. She is an inspired singer who accompanies herself on Oud, Mandol and Banjo, masterfully trained by renowned Algerian masters, Myriam Beldi is distinguished by the beauty of her velvety voice. Passionate about the popular music of Algiers, the Chaâbi, she perfectly interprets Algerian variants of the classical refinement of the Arab-Andalusian noubas. Living in France, she graduated in economic relations law, worked for an airline, and she is one of the rare female artists to dare to sing this repertoire performed exclusively by men. Initially the music of the small people of the Casbah, the Chaâbi was largely nourished by the Moroccan melhoun poetry and the lyricism of the Arab-Berber craftsmen of the Medina.

Throughout her atypical career, Myriam recorded four albums of Arab-Andalusian music and one of Chaâbi. Myriam was warmly welcomed by the public during her numerous performances, in festivals, on tour, in France, Algeria and Morocco. She regularly participates in the spectacle of Enrico Macias at the Olympia.

It was in 2019 that this merger project saw the light of day with the decisive artistic meeting between Myriam and Mohammed Abdennour, also known as “Ptit Moh”. Virtuoso of the Mandol and the Algerian Banjo, an important figure of traditional Algerian music, but also of its fusion with Rock or Reggae, Ptit Moh has worked with Rachid Taha, Gnawa Diffusion, conducted the El Gusto orchestra or the show “Casbah my love ”… he is called upon as a performer, arranger or artistic director in many projects. Trained with the greatest Algerian masters, Ptit Moh is a “smuggler”. One of the most important carriers of this culture. He is both guardian of a tradition and in constant search of new experiences, mixtures and confrontations with other music and cultures.

From this meeting was born an original, powerful musical project, like the itineraries from Algiers to Paris: marrying Chaabi with rock and groove, singing it in French with original texts or appropriating the great Algerian classics, all carried by a female voice… It took daring, and theirs is! Myriam and Ptit Moh propose an ambitious artistic positioning that breaks down borders and old ideas, shakes up musical habits and conformity… and yet listening, this fusion has never seemed so familiar and natural. An approach that renews the genre, that gives Chaâbi and French song a modern spirit, which marvelously fuses the energy of Rock, the trance and dance of Chaâbi rhythms, the sensitivity and emotion of this edgy music, and the power of the poetry of lived experience.


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