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“Kroke live are a hair-raisingly brilliant, unforgettable experience.” Jon Lusk

“What makes me feel drawn to Kroke music is spiritual reality of the musicians, this means honesty and authenticity of the music.” Nigel Kennedy

“At times they sound jazzy, at times contemporary, at times classical. Their music is at once passionate and danceable.” Dominic Raui

Kroke in Yiddish means Cracow

The band, initially associated solely with klezmer music, in their current works draw inspiration from ethnic music using their own improvisations. This way they create their unique style which floats across borders, forms and time, which was not only noticed by the audience, but also appreciated by artists around the world. Steven Spielberg, delighted with Kroke’s concert, invited the band to Jerusalem to perform at Survivors Reunion ceremony. Thanks to Peter Gabriel the band took part in WOMAD Festival in the United Kingdom. The Secrets of The Life Tree piece, performed by Kroke, featured on the soundtrack of David Lynch movie Inland Empire. The meeting of Kroke and Nigel Kennedy resulted in a joint work – the East Meets East album. In recent years the band also collaborated with Anna Maria JopekEdyta GeppertTalilaTomasz StańkoMaja SikorowskaKrzysztof Herdzin, Norwegian band Tindra, Spanish violinist Diego Galaz, Mongolian singer Urna Chahar Tugchi and Sinfonietta Cracovia orchestra. They also appeared on the most prestigious music festivals around the world.

In the course of the 28 years of the band’s existence, Kroke played concerts in Poland, Germany, Spain, Russia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales, Romania, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Turkey, Mexico, Israel, Austria, the Netherland, Hong Kong, Japan, Portugal, China, and in Lithuania, Ukraine, Ibiza, Taiwan, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy.


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