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For Presenters: 10 ways to market Winston Choi in a recital of Bach’s Art of the Fugue

1) Arguably the greatest work ever written by Bach 2) 18 Fugues in D minor?  But they are the most incredibly diverse and fascinating set of pieces one could imagine 3) Merging of left and right brains – music that is both compositionally stimulating and artistically satisfying 4) Fascinating stories, urban legend, and tall-tales surrounding […]

Sheng Cai – ‘Old warhorse’ a stallion in young hands

‘Old warhorse’ a stallion in young hands October 3, 2011 By Mike Youds Daily News Staff Reporter A brilliant young pianist, a soothing string-orchestra interlude and a sweeping symphonic outpouring rewarded a Kamloops Symphony audience Saturday. Edvard Grieg’s Concerto for Piano Op. 16 in A Minor is considered a staple among pianists, often described as […]

Pianist, Sheng Cai is a hit with Kamloops Symphony

Not only did Sheng receive an instant standing ovation, but Kathy Humphries, General Manager of the Kamloops Symphony writes, “We would recommend him to our colleagues looking for an emerging artist.”

Winston Choi – Chicago Tribune review, Sept. 20th, 2011

“There doesn’t appear to be anything Choi can’t play – and with with virtuosic panache, to boot – as witness his stunning account of Zupko’s fiendishly intricate, Ligeti-like Etudes.”

Soo Bae – Naxos CD Review

Brian Reinhart MusicWeb International, August 2011 Soo Bae is a Korean-born Canadian cellist who here gets the kind of star treatment Naxos almost never affords anybody. Her name is in capital letters on the spine, and there’s a glamorous photo on the cover and another one in the booklet; sorry, gents, but that’s a wedding […]

Sagapool is trending

They have secured physical and digital distribution in the US with Red Eye – … and confirmed that Rock Paper Scissors will do publicity for North America.

SQUID new to MGAM roster

Appearing at the Halifax DrumFest. Halifax-based multiple award-winning Celtic supergroup SQUID have established themselves as one of the most dynamic and exciting groups on the east coast of Canada and across North America.  Combining traditional Celtic fiddle, bagpipes, and Highland snare drumming with African, Brazilian, and Cuban rhythms, SQUID has captivated audiences since 2000 […]

Richard Raymond up there with the very best!

…”This Acadian might be a tad less busy as a concertizer than Lortie, Hamelin, Lefevre and Laplante, but there is no doubt that he stands alongside them as an artist.” To engage Richard Raymond, please contact me at Mr. Kaptainis says it all. No need for me to add a word.

Lenka Lichtenberg has an exciting September

Her group  Fray will perform in  three festivals in Poland: – World Fusion Music Festival in Sopsnowiec (September 3) – Singer’s Festival in Warsaw  (September 4) – Ethno-Jazz in Wroclaw (September 5)

Michael Guttman, violin, conductor, festival organizer – some performance highlights!

Michael will play a Tango concert on the 8th of Sept at the Elba  Festival with  Yuri Bashmet and Martha Argerich. Guttman will play  The Double  Philip Glass  Concerto for Violin and Cello in the Concertgebouw,  Amsterdam in season 12/13 with the  Hong Kong Phil in Nov  2011 and with the Dallas Symphony in Sept […]