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Zari & Didgori

ZARI (Canada) & Didgori (Georgia) to tour together in 2019

Georgian polyphony, with its close harmonies and untempered scales, was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001 and is often described as transformatively visceral.

ZARI (Shalva Makharshvili, Andrea Kuzmich, Reid Robins) is a Toronto based award winning vocal trio that performs exclusively the millennia-old polyphonic singing tradition of Sakartvelo, otherwise known as Georgia – a country situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. (In Georgian, “zari” means “bell”.)

Over the many miles travelled and the many venues played, is ZARI’s dedication to studying, understanding and feeling the music. To that end, when ZARI performs, they embrace the profundity of Georgia culture: its roots deeply embedded in ancient times, its strength and courage to survive, and its excessively generous and inspiring hospitality.

Didgori is a men’s folk and chant ensemble based in Tbiliisi, Georgia. The ensemble members wish to dedicate themselves to the traditions of their ancestors through mastery and popularization of Georgian folksongs and chants, and hope that their efforts will inspire future generations. The name Didgori honors the historical battle in 1121 that helped reunite Georgia and ushered in a period of growth in arts and culture.