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Sina Bathaie

“One of Toronto’s best kept Secrets” David Olds, The WholeNote

“You’ll be mesmerized by his Santur playing” Errol Nazareth CBC Host of Big City Small World

Sina Bathaie (Siː Nɒː BæT hɒː iː), composer, Santur player based in Toronto, Canada is known for his unique style and approach toward Persian contemporary music. His hypnotic performances have garnered him fans from across the globe. Born in Iran, Sina started learning Santur at the age seven from his father, Master Javad Bathaie. He then followed his passion in music by practicing Persian classical repertoire (Radif) with the instrument Oud and explored the concept of rhythm by learning Tonbak (Persian Percussion).

Sina entered the world music scene soon after moving to Canada, and received recognition by being featured at events and festivals such as the Luminato Festival, Aga Khan Museum, In/Future – a Festival of Art & Music, Small World Music, Mundial Montreal, Sunshine Festival, Quiet Strings and South Asia Calling. CP24 and CBC Radio Metro Morning have also featured him. He developed his own style of music through years of experimental collaboration and attending artist residencies such as the Banff Centre for Performing Art and achieved a unique sound in world fusion music which has received many positive reviews.

His first album Sound of Silence was recorded and produced in Montreal in 2012 and has been acclaimed by music critics. His latest album Ray of Hope was released on Windcatcher Records on Oct 2017 with his World fusion ensemble. Sina has been also active in the movie industry and composed original music for the movies such as The Horse Latitudes and Un royaume déménage (Once Upon a Kingdom).


“This album, Ray of Hope, is dedicated to all those who have pursued; who have suffered while the world waits for us to remember this perennial first wisdom that love ignores all boundaries. What we hope for in the end is that remembrance with which we can hurdle every fence, tear down every wall and arrive at that place where hope greets us in warm welcome. Each text in the cover is a verse of a poem which celebrates our timeless elusive pursuit for peace, hope, and the most important of all these, love.” Sina Bathaie