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The Nordic Trance of SALTARELLO

“This group from Abitibi knows how to transcend time while bringing up the sense of origin, melt it down with synths and cover it up with acoustic instruments of all eras. Their music is primitive because of the didgeridoo, mystical due to the depths of its rhythms and airy because of its lofty vocals. “Cliff of the Dawn” is like a deep dive in the Nordic universe without any time or geographical boundaries. Sometime more Celtic or Scandinavian and sometime geographically blurred, the album brings out a sensation from the hereafter as well as the proximity of aboriginal roots. This is Saltarello’s sixth auto-produced venture yet, it still does not have the recognition it deserves here in Québec. It’s about time people lend an ear and pay attention to this group which could very well be Quebec’s best secret yet!”  Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Friday November 13, 2015

Inspired by the vastness of Québec’s Northwestern Abitibi where the band hails from and the deep spirituality of the Amerindian tribes living there for centuries, influenced by ancient pagan Scandinavian and Celtic mystic rituals, the entrancing sounds of Saltarello take the listener on a fascinating and lively musical journey filled with rhythmic frenzy and beautiful haunting melodies.

Their hair-raising vocals with shaman like polyphonic intonations blend superbly with the rich multi-colors of their ageless ethnic and contemporary exotic instrumentation. The unique Nordic musical trance of Saltarello fills the gap between traditional and modern, ancient and futuristic with original compositions sung in a language unknown while fusing world rhythms with vocals and instruments from a time long past as well as from right now thus creating a hypnotic universe with no set boundaries…

After having received a most enthusiastic welcome from festival audiences at several Ontarian and Quebec festivals in the summers of 2015, 16 & 17, the sextet has released their sixth album, “Cliff of the Dawn”, a virtual magic flying carpet ride which we invite you to enjoy and partake, a very unique experience to be remembered for a long time… Oh yes, a seventh album will be released in 2018!


Management: Dan Behrman, Immigrant Music