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Polky Village Band

Polky Village Band performs authentic energetic folk songs from various regions of Poland.

Born in Katowice, ethnomusicologist and singer Ewelina Ferenc moved to Toronto in 2015. In Toronto, she met professional Polish dancer and choreographer Ala Stasiuk, originally from Zielona Gòra. Together they were eager to share the music they learned growing up in Poland with some incredible Canadian musicians and friends they acquired in Toronto.

The band performs and teaches traditional dance workshops at numerous cultural events around the Greater Toronto Area.

Polky Village Band is always ready to make you dance, even if you’ve got two left feet!


Ewelina Ferenc – lead vocal, frame drum, tapan

Alicja Stasiuk – vocals, dance instructor

Matti Palonen – hammer dulcimer, jouhikko, flutes, mandolin, vocals

Tristan Murphy – accordion, vocals

Georgia Hathaway – fiddle, vocals