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“Formed in Montreal, the group is a positive reflection of today’s world, where different cultures rub shoulders and feed in a harmonious climate. The result is a vibrant and unifying music that, under the sign of unity, welcomes chaabi, gypsy jazz, rock and reggae.”  CBC/ICI Radio-Canada, 2018-2019 Revelations in World Music


From multiple roots, Nomad’Stones is a project inspired by the vast varieties of earth scattered across everyone’s unique path. The result is a fusion of music from Africa with an exploration of styles from the West. Their sound is imbued with a humanity from deep within their souls. A place where borders no longer make sense.

Nomad’Stones was founded by two musicians from different backgrounds: the singer-songwriter and guitarist from Algeria, Chakib Kouidri, and the French violinist Elsa Corgié. Marylène Messier (clarinet, saxophone and flute), Tacfarinas Kichou (percussion), Mourad Benfodil (bass), Tito Sono (gypsy guitar) and Sylvain Plante (drums) joined to complete the cultural mosaic based in Montreal. In 2015, the group won the Ali Maâchi Award (name of the Algerian poet and composer), awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Algeria. A year later, they received the Syli bronze of world music. Their first album, titled,”Et le Monde Danse” (And the World Dances), was released in April 2017.