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“Formed in Montreal, the group is a positive reflection of today’s world, where different cultures rub shoulders and feed in a harmonious climate. The result is a vibrant and unifying music that, under the sign of unity, welcomes chaabi, rock and reggae.”  CBC/ICI Radio-Canada, 2018-2019 Revelations in World Music

Back to the origins, an African born in Algeria

Driven by an ardent need for expression and awakened by the African creed to dance their sufferings, Chakib, who first arrived in Montreal in 2015, surrounds himself with artists from very different backgrounds and begins to shape his artistic universe. While fascinated by these differences, a sense of exile invades him and pushes him to write more, bu using multiple styles and languages…

Everywhere is home, everyone is family

With a Constant desire to defend this belief, the guitars of the African desert merge with funk and electronic machines, while harmonizing with oriental singing. It is a meeting fantasy between Tinariwen, Daft Punk and Dhafer Youssef that is imagined between the lines.

And the world is dancing…

This statement takes the form of a red thread and gives its name to a very eclectic first album, sketch of a blooming project. And the world dances…is a formula-source of hope, to tell the world that dancing is a way of expression for the voiceless, and that nothing is more claimant than dancing together.