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Moskitto Bar

Moskitto Bar

A journey from Brittany to Bagdhad!!!!

“No longer is his [Tangi Ropars] music really a melody of notes, but the sound of a human voice in a quite magical setting. It’s full of glinting lights, mysterious depths, expectations, frustrations, hopes, doubts, and joys, like the shattered shadows of a quasi-Bartókian scherzo, glimpsed by moonlight in a forest, surrounded by the Romani people and a proverbial caravan.” Raul da Gama,

Moskitto Bar was founded in Toronto in 2016, by Tangi Ropars, Ahmed Moneka, and Yura Rafaliuk. The three were soon joined by Fethi Nadjem on Violin.

Moskitto Bar evolves and changes as it explores music from around the world. Every show is magical. A musical journey from Brittany to Bagdad, with a few stops in the Balkans and the Ukraine. A music you never heard before and could only have been created in the incredibly diverse city of Toronto.

Moskitto Bar brings a global message of love, hope and compassion and shares its message enthusiastically with audiences.


Ahmed Moneka, Iraq – Daff, derbouka, cajon, voice

Tangi Ropars, France – Accordion, melodica, voice

Yura Rafaliuk, Ukraine – Cimbalom(hammer dulcimer), voice

Fethi Nadjem, Algeria – Violin