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The Jessica Stuart Few

“Amazingly charming.” Don Ross, Canadian guitar icon
“The best of both folk and jazz.” AOL Spinner
“The Jessica Stuart Few’s playful indie rock could be one of the most charming takes on the genre to come along in some time” Canadian Musician Magazine 

“The JSFew mix musicality, humour, (great) voice, creativity, rhythm, folk, and jazz into their songs. However, …the music remains accessible, warm and unpretentious… Different, and shockingly good.” Andy Frank, Roots Music Canada

“It’s a rare album that comes along that truly sounds unique and independent of the rest. Toronto’s The Jessica Stuart Few gave me one of those WTF moments, stopping me in my tracks for a good, close listen of the group’s new Two Sides To Every Story… Stuart has a gorgeous voice, pure and expressive… All that, and the distinctive koto playing, a blend not heard anywhere else.” Bob Mersereau, CBC Music 


The Jessica Stuart Few is like Stereolab throwing a party with Joanna Newsom at Erykah Badu’s house.  In Japan.

Internationally-touring indie folk-jazz power trio, The Jessica Stuart Few has one of the freshest sounds around. The band’s sophomore album, Two Sides to Every Story, was released to critical acclaim, winning the 2014 international Independent Music Award (IMA) for ‘Best Album’ and dubbed, ‘endlessly charismatic’, by The Globe and Mail’s Brad Wheeler.

While on tour throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Australia, the band remains in regular rotation on Bravo! TV and CBC Radio while topping campus radio charts, and appearing on commercial airwaves in Japan, hitting #85 on the Tokio Top 100 and #38 on FM North Wave.

Jessica’s unprecedented take on the Japanese koto (13-stringed harp), her exceptional guitar work, and signature songwriting are innovative and refreshing, earning The ‘Few main stage performances at festivals worldwide. Stuart exhibits a pitch-perfect vocal sensibility reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, with stunning 3-part harmonies onstage, earning the group a spot on music industry and media’s must-see lists.

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