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Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

“A merry bazaar, a sacred brothel, a fair where only joy and friendship have access to the platform. One is quickly carried away by this orchestra as colorful as the costumes of its musicians and acrobats.” Olivier Pierson, CAMUZ, Montreal

Montreal’s Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra is an explosion of music and dance, circus and imagination. The band is a creative chaos that fuses Afro-Colombian percussion with the brass and violin melodies of the Roma people of Eastern Europe. Created in 2012 by Gitavago productions, the band has already performed over 140 shows, including festivals across Canada, Colombia, France, Austria, Czech Republic. GKO was voted Montréal’s best world music group in 2015 (CAMUZ survey), and earned 2016 JUNO and ADISQ nominations for their first album, Revuelta Danza Party. With an ever growing following, the group has arrived as one of Canada’s leading new big bands.

The band members

Carmen Ruiz: Co- Artistic Director and Production Manager
Juan Sebastian Mejia AKA Perditi: Artistic Director- Percussion- Voice
Anit Ghosh: Music Director- Violon
Blaise Margail: Technical Director, Trombone- Beat Boxing
Julie Richard: Communications Manager, Souzaphone
Andrea Nino: Rehearsal Manager and Dance
Sonia Bustos: Financing Researcher and Dance
Marie- Lys Trudel: Violon- Voice
Zillien Biret: Clarinette- Voice
Aurelien Tomasi: Clarinette
Laurence Sabourin: Accordion – Dance
Ivan Banford: Percussion (Tambora)
Maxime Ethier: Percussion (Alegre)
Sergio Barrenechea: Percussion (Llamador)- Voice
Guillaume Garant: Trumpet
Bertrand Margelidon: Trumpet
Etienne Lebel: Trombone
Eli Camilo: Trombone