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Gharana Fusion Band

Gharana Fusion World

“Onstage, they are soulful and immersed. No fancy costumes, no excessive drama, and definitely no ridiculous antics – their music speaks for itself. And the audience loves them for that!” Mithila Mehta, Mumbai Mirror

Gharana Fusion Band was formed in August 2006, by Susnata and Probir Narayan, in Calcutta (India). After some initial lineup changes, the band is finally a 4-piece setup.

The Band’s music amalgamates Indian Raagas, Bengal folk, oriental flavor, Armenian mountainous elements etc. with an ethnic touch. Their music speaks about the inner emotions, environment, eternal bonding between a mother and her child, harmony among people, lifestyle of rural dwellers connected to the river, confiding to universal cosmic energy and the celebration of life. Susnata’s bodyless guitar sometimes resembles the sound of Sarod (Indian Classical instrument). Their creative vocals mix the essence of Semi-Classic patterns, bandanas, bols, with spectacular Sawal-Jawabs, Jugalbandis and fade in-outs etc.

Gharana Fusion Band has played different national concerts, arts and music festivals, cultural centers, cafes, college fests etc., covering various Indian cities and many countries abroad. They released their debut CD in 2009.


  • Susnata Har – ethno-guitar and vocals
  • Sattyaki Pathak – bansuri, duduk, bengal flute and saxophone
  • Soham Majumdar – bass, and backing vocals
  • Argha Dey – tabla, cajon, djembe, khamak, and percussions