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boussaroque makes a few special additons to the usual folk instruments – mandolin, guitar, banjo, and foot tappinn – including bamboo flute, kantele (a beautiful Finnish harp), bagpipe, cello and the vocorhythmy (a neologism for human beatbox)!

A new exciting Montreal based collective, boussaroque presents urban, universal folk music. Their repertoire is mostly composed of Celtic material (Gaelic songs, Scottish melodies, Quebec tunes), and their arrangements are blended with subtle global music, classical, jazz and even electro influences.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist Ingried is at the heart of this ensemble. She has spent the last four years on the mythical Isle of Barra (Scotland). Infusing this rich culture of music and legends, from Montreal Island to the Scottish Hebrides, Ingried has collated a program of Gaelic and Quebec songs that lead to the album Islands (2016) and the concert Journey to Alba. Playing the kantele (a beautiful Finnish instrument), the mandolin, a wide array of flutes and foot tapping, Ingried shares stories about the sea, travel and immigration, about the multiple links that connect Barra to her own native island, Montreal. As well as being one of the rare singers performing in Gaelic in Canada, Ingried was awarded two gold medals in Scotland in Gaelic competitions.

Cellist, Mario Giroux brings the lyricism of his instrument to boussaroque, along with groovy bass lines and his vast experience as an arranger. François Pelletier is the string master (guitar, banjo and buzuki) and second singer in the band. Dominique Laguë is a human beatbox, though his place in boussaroque might be better qualified as vocal percussion, or vocorhythmic!