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10 reasons to book a Beatriz Boizán piano recital

10 reasons to book Beatriz Boizán in a solo piano recital

1.   If you are seeking to find an exotic and deeply authentic musician in the Classical Music World today, Cuban-Canadian pianist Beatriz Boizán is the one.
2.   A rare combination of a vibrant, highly skilled virtuoso and a beautiful rising star.
3.   Her programs range from the graceful Baroque sonatas by Soler and Scarlatti to the rhythmically percussive compositions from Spain and Latin America with the lyrical romantic works from the European standard piano repertoire in the middle.
4.   Shares her views about the music in an accessible yet elegant manner as part of her performance.
5.   Her spirited and colourful interpretations are full of emotions and dynamic contrasts.
6.   Her delicate pianissimi will tickle your ears and her exhilarating fortissimi will electrify you.
7.   If you would enjoy being introduced to the rarely performed Classical repertoire from her native Cuba interpreted in the most unique yet genuine style, here is your opportunity.
8.   Engaging from the 1st note to the last one, she will keep you on the edge of your seat.
9.   A bubbly personality; a breath of fresh air.
10. Spectacular Classical Piano with Cuban Pasión.