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For Presenters: 10 ways to market Winston Choi in a recital of Bach’s Art of the Fugue

1) Arguably the greatest work ever written by Bach

2) 18 Fugues in D minor?  But they are the most incredibly diverse and fascinating set of pieces one could imagine

3) Merging of left and right brains – music that is both compositionally stimulating and artistically satisfying

4) Fascinating stories, urban legend, and tall-tales surrounding these fugues (such as the “story” that Bach died mid-phrase, the second that he penned his own name into the final Fugue; or the fact that he had divine “help” in writing these fugues; or the notion that these fugues were not intended to be performed, just studied and absorbed in an abstract way)

5) Bach wrote music his entire life for his weekly service – this work was one that he wrote purely for his own satisfaction and self-fulfillment

6) One of the greatest artistic accomplishments of all time – these fugues were written while Bach was slowly becoming blind!  Bach was completely blind by the time he wrote the final unfinished fugue.

7) A work often performed by harpsichordists, organists, string quartets, brass quartets, mixed ensembles, etc. – the most vibrant, cohesive and personal rendition of the Art of Fugue can be heard when interpreted on the piano

8) One of the most revered works in the classical music repertoire – has a devoted following among a segment of classical music lovers that view it as the Mount Everest of all music

9) Glenn Gould adored the work, and thought that it was the absolute pinnacle of fugal writing

10) Fugue comes from the Latin word “fuga”, which means flight.  The flight of musical lines, musical architecture, complex cross-relations, music of the spheres, and philosophical concepts through sound – these all sum up the Art of Fugue: Be transported emotionally, intellectually and spiritually with this musical journey

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