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SQUID new to MGAM roster

Appearing at the Halifax DrumFest.

Halifax-based multiple award-winning Celtic supergroup SQUID have established themselves as one of the most dynamic and exciting groups on the east coast of Canada and across North America.  Combining traditional Celtic fiddle, bagpipes, and Highland snare drumming with African, Brazilian, and Cuban rhythms, SQUID has captivated audiences since 2000 with their creativity, originality, and energetic performances.

Never shy about fusing genres, SQUID also utilizes beat boxing, hip hop, and electronic music in their ever-expanding pallette of influences.
Combined with an electric stage presence, daring stick tricks and choreography, a witty sense of humour and an infectious energy that communicates to audiences young and old, the young and charismatic musicians who make up SQUID are a superpower in the Celtic music scene.

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