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TorQ Percussion Quartet – “They were amazing from the start.”

TorQ Percussion Quartet – “They were amazing from the start.”
Chamberfest Day 7: swings like cool sound

July 29, 2011. 11:53 pm • Section: Festivals

“Engaging performances all round today. Purely from curiosity I went to see the TorQ Percussion Quartet at midday and they were amazing from the start. First up was Lukas Ligeti‘s Pattern Transformation (1988) which was a continuous, hypnotic, changing piece. The second work, Paul Lansky’s Threads (2005) showcased the range capable of percussion instruments in 10 short movements, with bell-type instrments, recitatives and drums. The combined effect was very atmospheric. The only Canadian work, Ann Southam’s Natural Resources, or what to do ’til the power comes on, was brilliant in design and execution with very humourous moments. This was explained by the quartet beforehand as something of a game. Two performers stood each side of a rectangular table marked on both sides with 5 points; they played these points with drumsticks in a regular rhythm. The other 2 members placed and moved around various instruments on the beat points, creating a piece that is different each time. Slightly hard to explain, but fun to watch. Finally, mezzo-soprano Krizstina Szabo joined TorQ for a performance of György Ligeti’s Síppal, dobbal, nádihegedüvel (With Pipes, Drums, Fiddles) (2000), a very varied piece indeed. At times Szabo’s voice, which took on many different shades over the 7 songs, reminded me of Björk”

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